An amazing story of a little girl who took two years to plan for her special day to be baptized for Jesus.

Our church cheered as 17 more people were baptized this past weekend, but I might have cheered a little louder than usual.  Not just because I had personal friends who were going public with their faith in God, even though I was certainly celebrating with them.  I cheered a little louder because one person’s story grabbed my attention.

When I saw 7-year-old Isabella Christie climb into the baptistry, I couldn’t resist a smile.  You would, too.

Isabella donned a pair of goggles.

Now, I’ve seen people hold their nose when they are dunked for Jesus, but I’ve never seen goggles.  I might have even chuckled a little at how precious the scene was.  Honestly, there was something so innocent…so endearing about the image of this little girl – whose head was barely visible over the side of the baptistry – who had prepared herself for what was to come and didn’t care what…

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