When people don’t see it as you did….it really doesn’t matter!

heelsWe have all heard, “don’t judge me until you walk in my shoes”. I have seen and heard a lot of things over the years. I have been judged by others and at the time, I thought what they thought mattered. Today, I am here to tell you that it doesn’t matter what people think or how they judge you. There is only one who can judge you, have the last word over you…that is God.

For instance, I have made a lot of mistakes and decisions that not only affected me but my family and friends. Everyone has their version of the story and how things played out. Even people I don’t know have their version but at the end of the day I know what I went through and how I saw it and what the truth really is. God knows our stories and the journeys we are on. And it is only His counsel, His advice and His guidance that truly has any bearing in my life.

For myself, I had to go through it all to be the woman I am today; which first and foremost is a daughter of Christ!! It’s your story and your journeys so don’t hesitate to share your side. The old adage is true; there are two sides to every story. But your story is YOUR story! So share, testify, tell what happened, and tell of what God is doing and has done in your life. Then sit back and witness how God uses your story to touch others and to make difference in the lives of others. Don’t take ownership of THEIR vision because they didn’t see it how you did.

You are unique. Your adventure is unique. Your relationship with God is unique. Ask Him to help you share your journey. And when you do, remember you’re only doing it for an audience of One!


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