Wait Upon the Lord!

Image As I sit here and reflect our Bible study (Esther~Beth Moore) today it has given me such a different perspective on things. When we go through a life event (whatever that might be for you) we need to give it to God and wait upon the Lord.  If we wait upon the event or person it will make you weak and you will be about that event or person. When you wait upon the Lord your strength is renewed.

God is everlasting; he shows us grace and forgiveness time and time again. That is what we should show others. I am learning this lesson myself…if we hold something against them it will hold you in bondage. We need to let it go, show grace and give forgiveness. God will never give us favor in a grudge. Nothing pleases Satan more than holding grudges against others and pride. Give it all to God and make Jesus Christ the center of your attention.

I was reminded of a song by Chris Tomlin, “Everlasting God” this is goes in line with “Waiting upon the Lord”.


So, Wait Upon the Lord!! Psalm 130:5


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