It’s time to clean house….

Sometimes in life it’s time to clean out your house. Not only do we need to clean out our house we need to clean up our heart and mind. You know how you feel great when everything is organized and clean in your home. Well, our hearts and mind work the same way. There comes a time where you need to give it all to God…free your mind of all the junk (worry, hurt, fear, sadness, etc.) and free your heart from all the brokenness. Sometimes we have failed relationships, lost our job, lost a loved one…whatever has happened it takes over our minds and heart. When this happens you can’t love like God wants you to love others. You can’t live the life HE has planned for you. So “clean house”.

God will restore your mind and heart.

Strive to have a heart like Jesus and you will have a clear mind.

Love and Blessings,



Princess…You’re the daughter of a KING!

His plans are bigger than you can ever imagine. On days when you have doubt, remember “adjust your crown princess, you are the daughter of a ‪#‎king‬. 👑 You can do all things, through me.” 💪 I’ve come so far and yet, it is just the beginning. 🙌 🙏 ‪#‎GodsPlans‬

I have had ENOUGH!

Have you ever said, “I have had enough”? In these moments we need to take a break and not act out in the “moment”. So many times we just act out in the “moment” and regret it later. I know I have personally done this on several occasions. I know you may not feel like in that “moment” to take a break, but acting out in anger is not having a heart like God. Most of the time when we act out in anger we regret it later.

How many times have you acted out in anger and realized later…you should of handled things different? Say this prayer every time you are tempted to act out in anger;

Lord, help me control my anger. Set a guard over my mouth to help me take a break in the moment so I don’t make matters worse. Help me honor You in all I say and do. Help me to have a heart like YOU! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Keep doing this over time and you will stop acting out in anger and turn to God first before you react to the situation.

Love and Blessings,