Enough is enough…part 1

sinEnough is enough….today I received some news and it made me think about my life and the past several years. On March 6, 2013 I “tweeted” “Apply God’s word to every situation in your life. Stop and pray before reacting to life’s situations.” That being said, we all fail from time to time and react to “life’s situations” before praying! Back in 2007 I started praying before reacting to life’s situations and made it part of my day. Then in 2010 I slowly fell back into old habits and did not pray every time a “life situation” came up. I prayed every day but not in the moment of those situations…before reacting. Boy, has that got me into some trouble.

Then in 2014 I stopped all together. I had a lot going on in my marriage and stopped praying during those “life situations”. I stopped striving to be who God wanted me to be and did not put God first. I put my husband first and his addiction. My life was consumed with his addiction and life…that I wasn’t truly “me” anymore. I started my blog in 2013 then in 2014 I only had a few posts, none in 2015 and I am back in 2016.

I let that happen.

I prayed, we went to counseling, marriage coaches, separated and reconciled. Nothing could change the direction our marriage was heading because there wasn’t true change. God was not the center of our marriage. Looking back I should have prayed in every “life situation” before I reacted throughout our marriage. Instead my flesh was acting out to every lie and every time my husband fell back to his “old ways”.

Which brings me to another tweet I “tweeted” on April 5th, 2013 “There is no such thing as a perfect man or perfect marriage. But the one I have is absolutely perfect for…me.” I truly believed this to be true. But when you’re married to someone that has an addiction you can not fix them nor can you save them. I was always trying to “fix” him. They have to want to change and only God can “fix” them. Addiction is an absolute terrible sin of this world that creates such bondage. It is so hard when you so badly want to help someone and can’t.  I wanted to fix his problems that I had absolutely no control over.  My husband wasn’t perfect but I chose him, I loved him! He didn’t have the confidence to know I loved him regardless of anything this world had to say about him. I knew our marriage was worth fighting for…but only God can break the bondage of your loved ones addictions.

So learn from my mistakes.

  • Always put God first.
  • Always have God the center of your marriages.
  • Always pray before you “react” to life’s situations.
  • Don’t let anyone stop you from praying or walking with God
  • Pray for your wife or husband to find freedom from their chains
  • Pray for your wife or husband daily
  • Don’t lose yourself in their addiction
  • When you’re going through this journey lean on the Lord and draw closer to HIM
  • There is not the “perfect” marriage but marriage is worth fighting for.
  • Love unconditionally

and don’t forget to always PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

Love and Blessings,




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